Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Little Boy has arrived!!!

Mr. Jackson David arrived Friday, September 25 at 7:59 am! Everything ran extremely smoothly- thanks to so many prayers! He is beyond precious, and we love having a little boy. I like finally hearing that I have a child who resembles me in some way! :) Samantha is loving having a baby brother and kisses on him constantly and has adjusted beautifully- another answered prayer!

I had no idea how much I could love a little boy- I always thought of boys as rough and rambunctious- Jackson is so loving and cuddly (for now!), and I realize all the sweet things that a little boy can offer. In fact, I am slightly worried that he enjoys being cuddled a little too much! I now see what all the moms who told me, "You won't believe how much a little boy loves his mama!" meant- so true!

We are loving EVERY minute of having Jackson as a new addition to our family (just don't call me at 2 am!) and appreciate the incredible support we have received from friends and family- meals, calls, emails, gifts, prayers, etc.... We are BEYOND blessed!!!

Mommy, the night before Mr. Jackson's delivery- the last time you'll see me prego!
We have this same pic of me with pups right before we had Sammy Bear!

Our last Youngblood Family of Three (humans) photo

So excited!

Dave and me in the early am- on our way to hospital- we have this same pic of us before we had sam too- we have aged a bit, though!

Daddy getting ready!

Elizabeth, our nurse, getting him ready!

There he is!!!! I won't show you the first pic we have of Jackson- nasty!

Aww..... sweet boy!

Jackson meets his big sis! She was VERY ready to meet him! Nine months is a long time for a five year old!

So proud!

I think Dave is trying to picture Jackson in a fishing shirt and cap! Plotting out their first fishing trip....

Our sweet nieces, Ashleigh and Brooke, who came into help in 10,000 ways that weekend! They are so good to our kiddos!

Miss Brooke!

Three generations! Papo, Papa, and Jackson!

I think Papa was ready for a grandson!

Proud Mimi and Papa!

This is my favorite newborn memory of Sam and Jackson- those big eyes peering at you through that glass! They are so swaddled that all that pops out is that little head. Precious and Priceless!

Some of our visitors! Miss Becky, Miss Angela, and Aunt Kat!

Aunt Kat and her new nephew!

The Kincaid Fam (and Dave in the background!)

G Daddy! After a long drive from Louisiana! There's Aunt Stacy, too! She and her girls came in for Miss Sam's birth too!

I think G is glad to have a grandson, too!!! He has LOTS of granddaughters :) Another fishing buddy!

The Duzan girls!

Mums and her new grandson!

This is Jackson's Great Grandmother! She was ready for a little boy too!


Jackson's cousins!

Our first family photo- we look a little rough!

My kiddoS!

Miss Ashleigh

I love this picture! Check out Sam's "Big Sis" Bracelet

Jackson on his way home!!!

One of my MANY sweet nurses!

Jackson's first bath

This was Sam's little seat and she loved it- I think Jackson will too!

Hanging out with her little brother!